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INNATE Postpartum Care

Postpartum Planning

Postpartum is a time when the women heals, connects with her baby, transforms into a mother and lays the foundation for her long term health.
In traditions around the world, the new mother is taken care of, celebrated and acknowledged for her vital role in her family, community and society as a whole.
Now, in this modern world, the postpartum period is disregarded. No longer looked at as an essential time for mother and baby, but more often then not, it is deemed as an after thought, or simply a luxury only to be experienced by those who can 'afford' that type of support.

This disregard has caused serious damage, and the repercussions are felt on multiple levels with mothers, babies and families in regards to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.
This course is being taught to awaken families to the truth of postpartum, and the tremendous responsibility on us, to ensure that mothers are taken care of. They are the key, and the health of our children and future
generations depend on them.   

During this course;
We will be learning about
the 5 essentials to postpartum care based upon postpartum physiology & psychology.

Week 1

- Introduction to INNATE system of care and foundations

-Traditional postpartum care verses modern postpartum care

- Perinatal mood disorders

- Infant health in relation to maternal health

- Postpartum care as the foundation of our social eco-system; creating a thriving human culture.



Week 2

- Extended resting period after birth.

-Warmth after birth.

- Postpartum healing foods and digestive health.

- Basic uterine anatomy in relation to whole health.

- Understanding the basic physiology as to why warmth/warming therapies are important after birth.




Week 3

- Bodywork after birth;All traditions from around the world involved an element of body work for mothers after birth, to avoid long-term musculoskeletal problems.

- Pelvic health in relation to women's life long health .

-Postpartum self-care application for long term health. 

- Body alignments; harvesting the benefits of postpartum hormones.

-Belly binding and what our physiology speaks about this ancient practice.

- Holistic breast care; for breastfeeding support & life long wellness.


Week 4

- Mother centered postpartum care for family wellness; rooted in revitalized community support.

- How to utilize the potential of our community resources.

- Postpartum care as a necessity, not a luxury in relation to women's life long health & well being. 

- Integrating birth of a baby, birth of a mother and the birth of a family. 

Policies for enrolling 

This course was suppose to be taught as an oral tradition. Due to the state of the world and the current lock down we're in, we have been given permission to teach this education series online. That being said, to keep the integrity of the course, there will be no recordings of any of the classes. If a class is missed, in order for me to take the time to reteach, there will be an additional fee. 

The audience is limited to pregnant women and their families. This INNATE postpartum care education series in not for birth/health care providers. 

If you are a health care provider and interested in learning more you can head over to   

The fee for this four week course is $333

Location: Zoom

Time: 3-5pm EST

Date: May 15th,22nd,29th,June 5th


about the facilitator


Blessings beloved ones!

My journey working with families during the postpartum period started about five years ago. The typical training that is offered in the mainstream birth community to certify you as this support person is often 2 days. This  does not  equip you to the challenges that the mother, baby and family can face.

Feeling disoriented and ungrounded with the way I was serving families, I started my search for something more. I knew there had to be someone out there who had true knowledge on how to support families during this extremely sensitive time. 


During my research I finally came upon INNATE postpartum care certification taking place in New Mexico, Taos  by Rachelle Garcia Seliga. She is a certified professional midwife with 16 years in midwifery and holistic women's health care.


This was exactly what I was searching for, I hopped on a plane and for seven intensive days sat at her feet, for another 6 months gained hands on experience and completed my training. What I learned and absorbed during the teachings  and hands on experience included ; understanding the physiological & psychological requirement of the postpartum period, stopping the pathologizing of maternal health, learning about new biology & working with science, learning several traditional postpartum care techniques which offer incredible healing, understanding how maternal health is the foundation to humanity's health and so much more.

I'm so grateful to be offering these transformative teachings to the community.  Thank you Rachel Gracia Seliga for for the teaching of this knowledge and supporting the collective and orienting us back to thriving as families, communities and societies!

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