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Postpartum is a time when the women heals, connects with her baby, transforms into a mother and lays the foundation for her long term health.
In traditions around the world, the new mother is taken care of, celebrated and acknowledged for her vital role in her family, community and society as a whole.
Now, in this modern world, the postpartum period is disregarded. No longer looked at as an essential time for mother and baby, but more often then not, it is deemed as an after thought, or simply a luxury only to be experienced by those who can 'afford' that type of support.

This disregard has caused serious damage, and the repercussions are felt on multiple levels with mothers, babies and families in regards to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.
This course is being taught to awaken families to the truth of postpartum, and the tremendous responsibility on us, to ensure that mothers are taken care of. They are the key, and the health of our children and future
generations depend on them.   

Throughout this course, we'll delve into the five fundamental aspects of postpartum care, exploring them through the lens of both postpartum physiology and psychology.

 INNATE System of Care and Foundations:

In the first week, participants will embark on a journey exploring the INNATE system of care, a holistic approach that recognizes the inherent wisdom of the body in the postpartum period. We will delve into the foundations of this system, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit during the sacred postpartum phase.


Traditional Postpartum Care Versus Modern Postpartum Care:

This module will provide a comprehensive comparison between traditional postpartum care practices and their modern counterparts. Participants will gain insights into the historical context of postpartum care, understanding the evolution of practices and the impact on maternal and infant well-being. We'll discuss the benefits of integrating traditional wisdom into contemporary postpartum care.


Perinatal Mood Disorders:

Addressing the delicate topic of perinatal mood disorders, we will navigate the various emotional and psychological aspects that may affect mothers during the perinatal period. This week will focus on awareness, recognition, and support strategies to foster mental well-being, promoting a compassionate and informed approach to maternal mental health.


Infant Health in Relation to Maternal Health:

Highlighting the intricate connection between maternal and infant health, this module explores how the well-being of the mother profoundly influences the health and development of the newborn. Discussions will encompass breastfeeding, bonding, and practical approaches to nurturing both maternal and infant health in a symbiotic relationship.

Postpartum Care as the Foundation of Our Social Eco-System; Creating a Thriving Human Culture:

In this transformative week, we will zoom out to explore the broader societal implications of postpartum care. Understanding postpartum care as the foundation of our social eco-system, we will discuss its role in creating a thriving human culture. Participants will be encouraged to envision and contribute to a society that prioritizes the well-being of mothers and families, fostering a culture of support and interconnectedness.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain practical insights, and develop a holistic perspective on postpartum care, preparing them to embrace a nurturing and informed approach to support mothers and families.


WEEK 2 : Nurturing the Postpartum Body

Extended Resting Period After Birth:

During this week, we will explore the significance of an extended resting period following childbirth. Understanding the unique needs of the postpartum body, we'll discuss the benefits of allowing ample time for rest and recovery. Emphasizing self-compassion and the cultural importance of prioritizing rest, participants will learn practical ways to create a supportive postpartum environment.

Warmth After Birth:

This module will focus on the importance of warmth in the postpartum period. Participants will discover the cultural and physiological significance of providing warmth to the mother after birth. We'll explore various warming traditions from around the world and discuss practical approaches to incorporating warmth into contemporary postpartum care.

Postpartum Healing Foods and Digestive Health:

Diving into the realm of nutrition, we will explore postpartum healing foods that nourish the body and promote recovery. This week will cover dietary recommendations for optimal postpartum healing and delve into the connection between digestive health and overall well-being. Participants will gain insights into crafting a nutrition plan that supports the body during this crucial period.

Basic Uterine Anatomy in Relation to Whole Health:

Understanding the basic anatomy of the uterus is essential for appreciating women's holistic health. In this session, we will explore the anatomy of the uterus and its interconnectedness with overall well-being. Participants will gain insights into how a nuanced understanding of uterine health contributes to a comprehensive approach to postpartum care.


Understanding the Basic Physiology as to Why Warmth/Warming Therapies Are Important After Birth:

Building on the earlier discussions about warmth, this session will delve into the physiological reasons behind the importance of warmth and warming therapies after birth. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how warmth positively influences postpartum recovery, addressing both physical and emotional aspects. Practical applications of warming therapies will be explored to empower participants in integrating these practices into their care routines.


Throughout Week 2, participants will engage in enriching discussions, acquire practical skills, and deepen their appreciation for the holistic nature of postpartum care. This knowledge will empower them to provide informed and nurturing support to mothers during this transformative period.


WEEK 3 : Healing the Postpartum Body & Beyond

Bodywork After Birth:

In this week, we will delve into the universal practice of postpartum bodywork, a tradition observed across diverse cultures worldwide. Participants will gain insights into the importance of postpartum bodywork in preventing long-term musculoskeletal issues. We'll explore various bodywork techniques and their cultural significance, providing a holistic understanding of how these practices contribute to the overall well-being of postpartum mothers.


Pelvic Health in Relation to Women's Lifelong Health:

Understanding the intricacies of pelvic health is crucial for a woman's lifelong well-being. This module will explore the profound connection between pelvic health and overall vitality throughout a woman's life. Participants will gain knowledge about maintaining pelvic health postpartum and its far-reaching impact on long-term physical and emotional wellness.


Postpartum Self-Care Applications for Long-Term Health:

Empowering participants with practical tools, this session will focus on postpartum self-care practices that contribute to long-term health. From mindfulness techniques to personalized self-care routines, participants will learn how to foster a sustainable and nourishing postpartum lifestyle that extends well beyond the immediate recovery period.


Body Alignments: Harvesting the Benefits of Postpartum Hormones:

Building on the theme of hormonal shifts postpartum, this session will explore how proper body alignments can optimize the benefits of these natural hormonal changes. Participants will learn about the physiological impact of body alignments on postpartum recovery and overall well-being.


Belly Binding and What Our Physiology Speaks About This Ancient Practice:

This week will uncover the ancient practice of belly binding, examining its cultural roots and physiological implications. Participants will gain insights into how belly binding can support postpartum recovery and the wisdom embedded in this traditional practice. Discussions will address the cultural significance of belly binding and its potential benefits for the postpartum body.


Holistic Breast Care: For Breastfeeding Support & Lifelong Wellness:

The final session of the week will revolve around holistic breast care, emphasizing its importance for both breastfeeding support and lifelong wellness. Participants will gain practical knowledge about maintaining breast health during the postpartum period and beyond. The session will cover breastfeeding support strategies and holistic approaches to ensure the long-term well-being of the breasts.

Week 3 promises to be a comprehensive exploration of postpartum body care, providing participants with a rich understanding of traditions, practices, and self-care techniques that contribute to enduring health and vitality.


WEEK 4: Fostering Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for Family Wellness


Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for Family Wellness: Rooted in Revitalized Community Support

This week will delve into the importance of mother-centered postpartum care as a cornerstone for overall family wellness. Participants will explore the historical and cultural roots of community-supported postpartum care, emphasizing the pivotal role of communities in nurturing mothers. Discussions will revolve around revitalizing community support systems to create an environment where the well-being of the mother is prioritized for the benefit of the entire family.


How to Utilize the Potential of Our Community Resources

Building on the theme of community support, participants will learn practical strategies for utilizing the potential of local community resources. This session will explore the diverse array of resources available, ranging from familial support networks to community organizations. Participants will gain insights into creating a postpartum care plan that incorporates and leverages the wealth of resources within their communities.


Postpartum Care as a Necessity, Not a Luxury, in Relation to Women's Lifelong Health & Well-being

Highlighting the imperative nature of postpartum care, this module will emphasize that postpartum care is not a luxury but a fundamental necessity for women's lifelong health and well-being. Discussions will address the societal shift needed to recognize and prioritize postpartum care, ensuring that it becomes an integral part of women's health narratives from the very beginning of their motherhood journey.


Integrating Birth of a Baby, Birth of a Mother, and the Birth of a Family

The final session of Week 4 will focus on the holistic integration of the birth of a baby, the birth of a mother, and the birth of a family. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected nature of these transformative experiences. Discussions will explore ways to navigate and harmonize the evolving dynamics within a family during the postpartum period, fostering a sense of unity and shared growth.

Week 4 promises to be an inspiring exploration of community-supported postpartum care, empowering participants with the knowledge and tools to create an environment where mothers thrive, families flourish, and communities play an active role in the well-being of each member.

Week 5: Community Celebration 

This session is scheduled approximately six weeks after the culmination of the birthing experience for all mothers. It is designed as a dedicated moment for mothers to openly share their unique birth stories, fostering an environment where they feel genuinely seen and acknowledged within the community. Our intention is to honor and celebrate your profound initiation into motherhood. The conclusion of our collective journey will be marked with beauty and respect, ensuring a meaningful closure to this transformative experience we have shared

WEEK 1: Introduction

Policies and Schedual

Ideally this class is for Mothers between 20-35weeks.

Every participant will receive a personalized postpartum planning session, tailored to ensure you have all the necessary resources and support for a successful and fulfilling experience. Your individual needs and preferences will be carefully considered to create a plan that aligns with your unique journey into motherhood.

The audience is limited to pregnant women and their families. This INNATE postpartum care education series in not for birth/health care providers. 
If you are a health care provider and interested in learning more you can head over to   

 5 week Series including a Personalized Postpartum Planning Session: $500CAD
Location: Zoom
Time: 3-5pm EST
Date:Feb 4th,18th,25th, Mar 3rd 
(5th class will happen 6week postpartum for all mothers)


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About the facilitator

Blessings beloved ones!

My journey working with families during the postpartum period started about five years ago. The typical training that is offered in the mainstream birth community to certify you as this support person is often 2 days. This  does not  equip you to the challenges that the mother, baby and family can face.

Feeling disoriented and ungrounded with the way I was serving families, I started my search for something more. I knew there had to be someone out there who had true knowledge on how to support families during this extremely sensitive time. 
During my research I finally came upon INNATE postpartum care certification taking place in New Mexico, Taos  by Rachelle Garcia Seliga. She is a certified professional midwife with 16 years in midwifery and holistic women's health care.
This was exactly what I was searching for, I hopped on a plane and for seven intensive days sat at her feet, for another 6 months gained hands on experience and completed my training. What I learned and absorbed during the teachings  and hands on experience included ; understanding the physiological & psychological requirement of the postpartum period, stopping the pathologizing of maternal health, learning about new biology & working with science, learning several traditional postpartum care techniques which offer incredible healing, understanding how maternal health is the foundation to humanity's health and so much more.
I'm so grateful to be offering these transformative teachings to the community.  Thank you Rachel Gracia Seliga for for the teaching of this knowledge and supporting the collective and orienting us back to thriving as families, communities and societies!


To register email:

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Certified Innate Practitioner



Idel Galbete

Innate Postpartum Practitioner

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