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It is time for us women to awaken!

Birth has been taken out of our hands & into a technocratic system where fear, drugs, control & technology rules. 

 we must reclaim birthing in our divinely given power.

let us reconnect

with our hearts, our wombs, and our bodies.

This is where earths healing & transformation begins.




Attending births in:

Toronto, Ontario 


And surrounding areas. 


As a Traditional birth companion my work is to nurture your intuition, to support you to stand in your wisdom, and to honor you as the powerful being you are. 

Questioning the current birth industry that profits off of fear, drugs technology and control is at the forefront of my work.  

 Our physiology has been perfectly designed by the Creator. We have been chosen to carry out this Divine creative expression, and this Sacred experience must be preserved.  

I'm so excited to be part of this collective awakening, where we women are recognizing the power we have. The power that has been violently and often times silently taken away from us. 

I'm looking forward to serving you on your incredible journey.

Pregnant belly

Birth With Divine is about going back to experiencing birth as a SACRED expression.

We are honoring women and their Divinely given right to INTUITIVELY know what is good for them and their BABY. 

It is about EXULTING women, we are simply holding up a mirror & reminding her of her true NATURE. 


-Idel  Galbete


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