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Peace and blessings!


I'm Idel Galbete and I have been dedicated to women's mind, body, soul healing for the last 7 years. While on my own healing journey I recognized that the ability to create, carry life and give birth was a testament to the miracles and mysterious of the human experience.

I was first a birth and postpartum doula supporting women in the hospitals and at home with medical midwives. I experienced the reality of the technocratic birth system and  horrendous treatment that  women are subjected to on a daily basis, this left me searching and praying for a better way. 

Right before the global pandemic, I was guided to go to New Mexico to train with Rachelle Gracia Seliga, please read about her work here:


This training completely transformed the way I cared for postpartum mothers. With the education I received, I can now truly serve them in having an optimal healing experience, so that the mother can do her God given work and serve her family in the highest, healthiest state. Rachelle's work is medicine for the collective, and thats an understatement. She is midwifing the powerful shift humanity is currently going through.  

While in New Mexico I started to listen to freebirthsociety podcast and with every episode, women shared their stories of them birthing outside of the system and birthing in absolute freedom. I knew this was exactly how I wanted to support families during this incredibly sacred time of their lives. So I joined The Radical Birth Keeper School under the mentorship of Yolanda and Emily. After training with them, I was equipped with many tools but still felt that I needed to further deepen my skills.


Currently, I'm so grateful to be under the mentorship of Billie Harringan. She has been serving birthing families for almost 40 years as an educator, mentor, Traditional Birth Companion, breastfeeding counsellor, lay pastoral counsellor, and community wise-woman. Please read more about this incredible woman here:

I'm also presently training with to deepen my hands on skills to further  support my clients to overcome pain, discomfort, and dysfunctions after childbirth.


Birth with Divine was inspired by the story of Mother Mary in the Quran (sacred islamic text).  She gives birth alone, by the river in full faith, sovereignty and power. She knows that God is with her. I personally believe that every woman should prepare herself to have an unassisted birth. Why? Because sometimes birth just happens. I know plenty of  women who have planned the most medicalized hospital birth but then ended up giving birth on the toilet! Don't go into birth blindly, get to know your miraculous body and equip yourself with success, only you can truly do that. 


 I feel so honoured that I've been chosen to do this sacred work and  grateful to  the wise women I have and still am learning from; I'm determined to support this new paradigm where women reclaim their rights to their body, choices, the way they birth, heal and ultimately raise the next generation.   

Sending much love,

Idel Galbete 

Currently not attending births until 2024


If you'd like to book a general  consultation please email me at and the details on what you would like  guidance on. 
Cost: $100

Pregnant belly

Birth With Divine is about going back to experiencing birth as a SACRED expression.

We are honoring women and their Divinely given right to INTUITIVELY know what is good for them and their BABY. 

It is about EXULTING women, we are simply holding up a mirror & reminding her of her true NATURE. 


-Idel  Galbete

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