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A 12week journey in sacred sisterhood

Muslimah womb healing community

Are you ready to embody and live from your wombs wisdom?

The centre of Divine mercy?

Do you feel emotionally & spiritually out of balance?


Have you been feeling and receiving messages that you are 'ready' to dive deeper into your heart?


Do your emotions overwhelm you and continuously disturb your peace of mind?

Are you struggling with a manifestation of dis-ease in your womb? 

Are you experiencing your inner world as somewhat chaotic?

Does the word Divine wisdom, Womb Wisdom, Heart Wisdom resonate deeply with your soul?


Are you ready to change your life and live authentically from your God given sacred femininity?

If you answered yes;

  Then welcome to an exciting chapter of your life, its in your womb journey my dear sister, where your true power lies!


This is where we will hold and witness you as you move through your transformation in a community devoted to  the Most High and a loving, supportive sisterhood 

Whether you're just getting started on the exploration of your body, womb, heart and feminine energy or have been on this path for years, this powerful community experience with sisters of the same faith will transform you to the deepest core.


This healing journey will support you in cultivating a deeper connection with your emotions, creativity, intuition and the wisdom you hold within.

What you'll experience,


- Working with the 99 names of God to heal your womb

- Learn the physical and spiritual anatomy of the womb

-How to utilize your menstrual cycle so it can serve and support your healing journey 

- Group exercises to tune in and embody your feminine energy

- Daily womb yoga 

Month one: Releasing, Clearing,Purifying and Rituals

- Using the power of wudu (water rituals), nourishing foods, herbal teas, yoni steaming, medicinal baths we'll be purifying our body on an physical, energetic and cellular level, by understanding how to live and sustain our bodies as a cyclical being. 

- Healing ancestral trauma by learning about the women in our families, how trauma is passed down and how we have the the power to heal it.


-Connecting with mother earth and her healing power  to support us.


-Using the 99 Names of God daily to bring in more light and love into our lives.  

Month two theme: discovering and awakening 

Coming out of this sacred container of the session you will: 


  • Feel  connected to your heart and womb wisdom.

  • Feel more in tune with your feminine energy.

  • Have more of an understanding of your current experiences.

  • Feel relaxed, nourished, and rejuvenated.

  • Have more clarity and tools you can use to recenter.

  • Have a deeper connection with your emotions and the ability to aprrieciate them.

I’m looking forward to creating this sacred space with you.

Session time: 3 hours

Total cost: $333


Sending much love and blessings.

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