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Are you a woman ready to step   
into your
Wombs Wisdom?

Do you feel emotionally & spiritually out of balance?


Have you been feeling and receiving messages that you are 'ready' to dive deeper into your body?


Do your emotions overwhelm you and continuously disturb your peace of mind?

Are you struggling with a manifestation of dis-ease in your body? 

Are you experiencing your inner world as somewhat chaotic?

Does the word Divine wisdom, Womb Wisdom, Heart Wisdom resonate deeply with your soul?


Are you ready to embody your inner wise women

If you answered yes;

  Then welcome to your womb journey, I'm here to hold and witness you as you move through your transformation





 Whether you're just getting started on the exploration of your body, womb, heart and feminine energy or have been on this path for years, this powerful session will transform you.

This healing journey will support you in cultivating a deeper connection with your emotions, creativity, intuition and the wisdom you hold within.

During our time together,


We'll start by creating a sacred space, cleansing the room using herbs & setting up a healing space with roses, crystals & prayers.

This will raise the frequency & create a healing vortex.



We'll then dive into movements that will support you to feel grounded, energized & to create a flow within your body that'll help move any stagnant energy/emotions out.  

Our session will then move into

a gentle womb massage & breath work. This will prepare your body to receive the rest of the medicine by loosening up the stagnant energy, and to feel more deeply connected with your womb and body.

We'll then transition into the moxibustion therapy, this is a powerful yet soothing and gentle heat therapy which is placed on the womb using the herb mugwort . This is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that stimulates proper flow of life energy and blood.

 The session will end with a vaginal steam, this is an ancient well women care practice that has been used for centuries to heal. Its an easy set up of steaming water with supportive herbs, and you'll sit under the steam to

re-center, release and rejuvenate.

We'll close the session with a womb dance, journaling  and prayers.

Coming out of this sacred container of the session you will: 


  • Feel  connected to your heart and womb wisdom.

  • Feel more in tune with your feminine energy.

  • Have more of an understanding of your current experiences.

  • Feel relaxed, nourished, and rejuvenated.

  • Have more clarity and tools you can use to recenter.

  • Have a deeper connection with your emotions and the ability to aprrieciate them.

I’m looking forward to creating this sacred space with you.

Session time: 3 hours

Total cost: $333


Sending much love and blessings.