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Are you ready to connect with your baby and body on a deeper level?

Have you been having a difficult time connecting with your baby, or are you even feeling detached from your body?


Do you spend most of the time in your mind, planning and thinking about the future? 


Is worry and anxiety, taking away from you being present with your baby?


Are  the distractions of social media, chores, and just daily life hindering you from living in the moment?

Perhaps people , ( such as  medical providers), are constantly telling you about the state of your baby and body?


Or maybe you do feel connected, but want to go deeper, and experience another level of attachment ?

No matter where fall on this wide range of experiences,

Enhancing the bond we feel with the babies in our wombs is available to you!


This is a beautiful offering, during which where you’ll be guided  through a hands on experience and a powerful womb meditation.

During our time together,

  • We'll be using a Rebozoo (a shawl from the mexican traditions) to dive into pregnancy friendly body work,

  • I’ll guide you through any emotional blocks that may need more attention and love, using tools that you can call upon anytime.

  • We’ll look into your environment and see what changes you can make, to align you with what you are seeking. 

  • You’ll be offered a womb meditation. This will support you in having more access to the love and light within you, and strengthen the bond with your baby and your body.  

This session will leave you feeling calm, nourished & connected to your Divinely designed body, which will then support you, in accessing a deeper connection with your beautiful baby.  


Duration: 90mins


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