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Conscious Conception 


Connect with your heart, womb and baby

Are you a woman struggling to conceive?


Do you feel like your constantly fighting with your body?


Or maybe your feeling exhausted and stressed out by doing everything 'right' but still not getting any results? 

You are not alone. 


The 4 pillars of Concious Conception (1)_edited.jpg

During our 1:1 session 

Using powerful coaching tools, meditation and energy healing we'll be intuitively exploring whats going on with your mind, heart, womb and body.

The mind

In this day in age, the mind is held in the highest regard. It is seen & experienced as the ultimate authority. Through coaching and guidance we'll reveal whether the mind has been a helpful supporter or has been sabotaging you, and we'll  gently bring it back to balance.  

The heart

The heart has many secrets to share. Most of us have suppressed its quiet, yet powerful voice with the distractions of life. Using coaching and meditation techniques we'll peal back the layers  until the pure light of the heart shines through and the answers your seeking may be revealed.

The womb

The womb is the portal where all life is birthed. In many traditions she is held in a high regard. Many cultures and holistic medicine practices have an understanding that womb wellness is the centre of women's health that impacts every part of her being. While in the session we'll be exploring the deepest places of your womb that may be blocking the flow of life yearning to come through. 

The body

Our body is constantly communicating with us and seldom do we listen until its too late. By using exercises of quieting the turbulence of the mind, we'll give the body a chance to allow its wisdom to be heard and  to truly let us know what its seeking.  

You will leave the session with more:

  • Clarity and understanding of your present moment.

  • Connected to your hearts light and wisdom.

  • A deeper knowledge of your fertility journey.

  • Connected with your feminine energy and flow.

  • Profound relationship with your womb and the wisdom it holds.

  • Feel lighter and in trust with Divine timing.

Cost: $149
Session will be 90mins

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