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Have you been through a difficult birth that left you feeling unsatisfied, traumatized, shocked, confused and even numb?



Were you constantly told that something that took place was normal but you know deep down that something was truly wrong?


Is it painful for you to share the full account of your birth story?

You deserve to share your story with someone who can hold you in full compassion.

In this session you will;

  • We'll start with some gentle body work with the Rebozoo (Mexican shawl) to relax and move stagnant energy that is ready to be released.  

  • Be able to share your story, be witnessed, validated and fully heard as you come into the awareness of what you experienced.

  •  You will be introduced tools that will allow you to feel your feelings, and will be energetically held you while you to get to a place of expression and clarity. 

  • While in our sacred container, you will be guided using meditation, visualization and prayer to move through the layers of emotions and stagnant energy to get to a place of processing, flowing and releasing.

          You will emerge from our session feeling;

  • Fully witnessed and held in reverence.

  • Have a new perspective on your birth story.

  • A deeper connection with your heart and womb.

  • Tools to support you whenever you need to process your emotions.

  • And, with feeling lighter and more spacious in your body.

Whether you've given birth a few days, months or years ago,
this session is for you.
Duration: 90mins

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